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Specials end December 4th



Corelli Birra Italia Lager - 6 Cans, 500mL - 4.5% ALC/VOL

Price: $16.90

About Corelli Birra Italia Lager

Follow the best of Italian traditions and enjoy the great taste and aroma of Birra Italia. This is a true premium beer that well represents the unique Italian passion for the craft of brewing. First introduced in 1906, it has earned a reputation as a great classic Italian beer. The perfect fusion of sunny Mediterranean flavours and the cool taste of Black Forest beers, Birra Italia is the ideal beer to defeat a dry day!


Tui Pale Ale

Tui Pale Ale - 6 Bottles, 330mL - 4.0% ALC/VOL

Price: $14.90

About Tui Pale Ale

Not a typical East India Pale Ale. Tui is more of a lager style really, but a very nice beer overall with a fruity aroma. The hint of malt and caramel works very well. 


Budweiser Bottle

Budweiser - 6 Bottles, 355mL - 5.0% ALC/VOL

Price: $15.90

About Budweiser

This is the famous Budweiser beer. We know of no brand produced by any other brewer which costs so much to brew and age. Our exclusive Beechwood Aging produces a taste, a smoothness and drinkability you will find in no other beer at any price.


Lion Strong

Lion Strong - 2 Bottles, 625mL - 8.8% ALC/VOL

Price: $16.90

About Lion Strong

Lion Lager has a 8.8% alcohol volume and is credited as a great thirst quencher. Golden roasted malt in colour with a hint of fruit and caramel flavouring, it is very slightly sweet with less hop notes. The attractive labeling is in sophisticated black and gold, showcasing our strong but watchful golden lion as the king of the savannah, symbolising visionary leadership and power.


Lion Stout

Lion Stout - 2 Bottles, 625mL - 8.8% ALC/VOL

Price: $17.90

About Lion Stout

The dark caramel, large dense headed brew, with its 8.8% alcoholic content, is unique due to its sweet notes of chocolate and coffee interspersed into a foundation of dark roasted barley. Symbolic black to denote leadership, power, focus and strength, is dominant in the labeling as the lion journeys in the twilight unafraid, unbowed and unchallenged.


Victoria Bitter

Victoria Bitter  - 6 Bottles, 375mL - 4.9% ALC/VOL

Price: $15.90

About Victoria Bitter

Victoria Bitter was first brewed by Thomas Aitkin in 1854 as a full flavoured, full strength and thirst quenching beer for the harsh Australian climate. A full flavoured, full strength beer; the gentle fruitiness of the aroma compliments the sweet maltiness in the mouth which in turn balances perfectly with the clean hop bitterness of the finish. The perfect beer to satisfy a hard earned thirst.The Heaps Normal Quiet XPA tastes like a delicious, refreshing beer. Tropical and citrus aroma with a lingering and unmistakably beery finish. Unfiltered, with balanced bitterness and a subtle malt sweetness, reminiscent of your old pals.


James Squire 150 Lashes pale ale

James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale - 6 Bottles, 345mL - 4.2% ALC/VOL

Price: $15.90

About James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale

When James Squire was discovered stealing ingredients from the stores to make the colony’s first batch of beer, the Judge ordered 150 lashes… plus two barrels of ale. Thankfully for us, James Squire was a far better brewer than he was a thief.


Kraken Cola and Kraken Dry small

Kraken Spiced Rum Premix (Cola or Dry) - 4 Bottles, 330mL - 5.5% ALC/VOL

Price: $22.90

About Kraken Spiced Rum Premix (Cola or Dry)

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum is born from the depths of the Caribbean Sea, named after the beast, the myth, the legend that is The Kraken. The Kraken Rum’s bold, rich and smooth flavour has been impeccably paired with cola (or dry ginger) to transform your at home drinking experience. Bar quality served at home.


Sailor Jerry Cola and Sailor Jerry Dry small

Sailor Jerry Rum Premix (Rum & Dry) - 4 Cans, 375mL - 6.0% ALC/VOL

Price: $17.90

About Sailor Jerry Rum Premix

The undisputed father of the old school tattoo Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins built his rep tattooing in Hawaii's Hotel Street district of Honolulu. He was a master craftsman of unflinching integrity and in his name, we make his rum.  Expertly blended with Sailor Jerry Caribbean Rum with dry ginger and cola flavours to give you a refreshing drink that is ready to go straight from the can.


 Reeftip Spiced Rum premix

Reeftip Spiced Rum Premix - 4 Cans, 330mL - 4.5% ALC/VOL

Price: $16.90

About Reeftip Spiced Rum Premix

We've blended our premium Australian Spiced Rum with natural ginger/pineapple/mango and lime, and a dash of sparkling water for a light, zesty little number. Every sip of Reeftip is vibrant, flavourful and inspired by flavours of home – a product of our Aussie roots. Plus, 10% of profits from Reeftip sales contribute to the regeneration of the Great Barrier Reef.


 Strongbow Blossom Rose Sparkling Apple Cicer

Strongbow Rose Sparkling Apple Cider - 6 Bottles, 330mL - 8.2% ALC/VOL

Price: $14.90

About Strongbow Rose Sparkling Apple Cider

Inspired by the beauty and elegance of apple blossoms, Strongbow Blossom Rosé is a delicate blend of handpicked apples with a splash of berry wine to deliver a lightly sparkling blush cider.


 Southern Comfort Premix Cans

Southern Comfort Premix (Hard Peach and Hard Apple) - 4 Cans, 330mL - 4.6% ALC/VOL

Price: $16.90

About Southern Comfort Premix Peach and Apple

Hard Peach - PEACHY, PUNCHY, FRESH, SOUTHERN. Keep it fun and fruity with this peachy little can. Jam-packed with fizz and flavour - you’re in for a treat.

Hard Apple - BIG APPLE TASTE WITH FRESH SOUTHERN FUN. Bursting with big ol’ apple taste with a crisp and refreshing finish. The perfect sip is ready to go when you are.


 Absolut Soda with Lima can

Absolut Soda with Lime Premix - 4 Cans, 250mL - 4.8% ALC/VOL

Price: $16.90

About Absolut Soda with Lime Premix

“Bartender, a Vodka Lime & Soda please!” has long been one of the most popular bar calls, whether you are at the club or mixing with your friends – and for good reason. It has a light, refreshing taste and it’s easy to make.